WLAN Access Point

WLAN Access Point in a wireless sensor network

WLAN Access Point (wireless access point) in a wireless sensor networkA WLAN access point (also wireless access point) receives in a wireless sensor network the sensor data wirelessly from the various radio nodes, processes them and transmits the sensor signals to an evaluation unit. Therefore, the WLAN access point serves as an interface between the sensor nodes and the evaluation unit, which can be a PC or laptop.

WLAN access points have therefore as well as the sensor nodes a wireless communication unit, by which the sensor nodes communicate with the access point and send the sensor data. The communication of TEDIASENS Wi-Fi access points (TEDIASENS AP) happens over the IEEE 802.11g standard.

The requirements for a WLAN access point are mainly a high data rate and the possibility of synchronous data acquisition. For data analysis, the access point is connected via Ethernet cable to an evaluation unit with special analysis software.

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