Advantages of wireless data acquisition

Here you will find the benefits of wireless data acquisition systems in comparison to conventional wireless data acquisition and data transmission systems.

Synchronous data acquisition

→Synchrony among the nodes is only a 1 µs standard deviation

Mobile data acquisition

→Wireless data collection sensors are suitable for mobile use

Time saving

→No cables needed
→Very fast sensor installation

Low transport costs

→Tediasens nodes for wireless data collection can be carried in a suitcase
→Correspond to a cable length of only one meter

Increase of work safety

→No cables in danger areas
→Avoidance of people in danger areas

Avoidance of loss production

→No downtimes for the installation of cables

Multi measurement location, multi-channel capability

→Up to 40 nodes, each with 3 channels

High dynamics and high sampling rate

→24 bit at 13 kSamples/s sampling rate

Ideal radio coverage with our wireless data capture device

→Radio range 138 m (free field 802.11g)

Minimum size and weight

→The base of our radio nodes for wireless data collection is only slightly larger than a standard triaxial accelerometer

Stand-alone operation without power supply

→work up to 9 hours on battery power

Conclusion – wireless data collection

As you see, there are a number of benefits of wireless data acquisition. With our Tediasens radio node system you retrieve the data synchronously, mobile and in several locations. If these benefits convinced you, you can request further information, read or download our brochure “Wireless Data Acquisition – DAQ”  or contact directly our sales department. We would be happy to convince you in a personal phone call from the benefits of wireless data acquisition

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