Our radio nodes for wireless data acquisition in a wireless sensor network

With our system you can introduce very easily and cheap wireless data acquisition and synchronous data transmission for evaluation of your sensor network. Via WLAN, you can capture up to 40 completely different sensors wirelessly and synchronously and transfer the data to the evaluation unit. The wireless data acquisition system is thereby used in many application areas and and greatly simplifies the data acquisition and data analysis by saving cables.

Wireless data acquisition

The use of wireless networking technologies in the industry is more interesting than ever. In industry, there are a variety of applications such as wireless data acquisition of sensor data. Especially with moving or rotating machines, wireless data acquisition is often the only way to get data from the machine. For industry interesting features are the support of large networks (up to 40 wireless nodes), the rapid activation of wireless communication and the ease of communication with standard devices. In addition to technical factors such as the wireless range and energy consumption the effort required for the integration, certification and also the dynamics of the relevant standards is important.


The two wireless radio nodes SN-X and SN-I are suitable for many applications. A major application is the wireless vibration measurement on industrial machinery. Our sensors are used for example in paper machines for synchronous vibration measurement. But also for vibration analysis of bridges our wireless data acquisition system is used.

More about possible applications of our Tediasens sensors can be found on our site “Application area”.

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