WLAN data acquisition and WLAN data transmission

WLAN data acquisition and WLAN data transmission in sensor networks

The following blog post deals with: mobile data acquisition, wlan data acquisition and wlan data transmission.

Mobile data collection using WLAN

WLAN data acquisition in a wireless sensor network is implemented today with the most modern radio nodes or wireless sensor nodes. Here, the sensor node can be applied on the machine to be evaluated which then transmits the data wirelessly. Such small sensor nodes are used mainly for mobile data collection.

WLAN data transmission is necessary in a wireless sensor network for the synchronous transmission and evaluation of sensor data to a WLAN access point. The WLAN technology replaces in the collection and evaluation of sensors increasingly cables, which can especially increase security in critical areas. For WLAN data transmission, especially a fast data rate is important.

Mobile data acquisition by wireless technology gets increasingly moving into the industry. Since the installation of cables for the evaluation of hundreds of sensors is extremely costly, more often radio nodes for wlan data acquisition and wlan data transmission are used. Since these wireless nodes operate long time by battery power, they are particularly suitable for mobile data collection.

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