Vibration analysis

Vibration analysis or vibration measurement is used primarily for the investigation of rotating parts or machines. Vibrations are caused mostly by imbalance or defective bearing.

What is the purpose of vibration analysis?

The vibration analysis is an element of predictive maintenance as machines are examined constantly towards their vibrations. If vibrations increase over time, maintenance work can be carried out before the machine fails. Thereby, the vibration analysis increases the machine safety and reduces downtime, as the timing of maintenance and repair can be chosen.

Vibration analysis can be used among other things for the:

  • Balancing of rotating elements
  • Analysis of the technical condition of the machines while its working
  • Assessment of the technical condition of the stock and determination of when and what bearing should be replaced
  • Machine condition monitoring

Advantages of wireless vibration analysis

Wireless vibration analysis offers numerous advantages compared to cable-based systems. As a cable replacement TEDIASENS provides inter alia in oscillation and vibration analysis numerous benefits. On the one hand, there is a significant time saving in setting up and dismantling the sensor network. Since laying cables in safety-critical areas of the machine is no more needed, waiting for a machine downtime for installation is unnecessary. The measurement system can be installed at once! Thereby the safety is still maintained. On the other hand, the transport is much easier and cheaper due to the compact and lightweight measuring hardware. After all, TEDIASENS is saving several kilometers of measurement cables.

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