Machine condition monitoring by wireless vibration measurement and vibration analysis

Why do you need wireless vibration measurement?

Wireless vibration measurement & wireless vibration analysis

By wireless vibration measurement and wireless vibration analysis changes on a machine can be identified through the permanent acquisition and analysis of vibrations. By vibration monitoring, the safety of personnel and the machine can be increased by an emergency stop.

If the reason for the change on the machine is known, it can be solved in many cases by taking appropriate measures to prevent the machine from further damage.

Wireless vibration measurement

Wireless vibration measurement is a powerful tool to assess the condition of rotating machinery. There are two basic methods of wireless vibration measurement: continuous monitoring systems and mobile data acquisition devices. Continuous monitoring systems are used primarily for critical machinery where its shutdown would cause significant costs. They constantly measure the vibrations of a single machine or a group of machines. Mobile data collection method uses a battery operated portable wireless sensor node.

Wireless vibration analysis

Wireless vibration analysis is used for condition monitoring of machines in industrial environments. Low-frequency oscillations can be detrimental to accuracy and repeatability and thereby to the quality of a machine. By wireless vibration analysis on your installation location, the amplitude of the vibrations are determined, which act on a system.

Where is wireless vibration analysis used?

TEDIASENS radio nodes for wireless vibration monitoring work permanently reliable even under critical operating conditions such as high operating temperatures. They are easily connected to local control modules, application-specific condition monitoring systems or existing automation systems.

For which maschines is wireless vibration measurement useful?

For the monitoring of complex machines with different operating conditions such as wind power plants, paper machines or generators, a detailed vibration analysis and machine condition monitoring is necessary and very useful.

Which systems for wireless vibration monitoring and vibration analysis offers Elovis?

Wireless vibration measurement with data transmission via WLAN is best realized by TEDIASENS SN-I radio nodes with integrated piezoelectric accelerometers. This wireless sensor node is simply attached to the machine. In combination with a WLAN access point a very simple wireless system for vibration analysis is installed.

Alternatively, an external acceleration sensor can be evaluated by connecting it to a TEDIASENS SN-X sensor node.


Systems for wireless vibration monitoring and wireless vibration analysis are ideal for the analysis of vibrations of expensive machinery and allow easy machine condition monitoring.

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