Condition Monitoring

Concept of condition monitoring

The concept of condition monitoring is based on a permanent detection of the machine state by measurement and analysis of meaningful physical variables (vibration, temperature, position/approximation, etc.). The Condition monitoring pursues a dual objective to increase safety and improve engine efficiency. By the condition monitoring of appropriate metrics fatigue appearances of a machine can be captured and appropriate maintaining action can be taken. But condition monitoring does not help in case of sudden failures such as fatigue failure or similar.

Increasing the safety

Safety is increased by condition monitoring so that based on the possibly in real-time analyzed sensor data, a fast-reacting security system can be realized (emergency shutdown). Online condition monitoring (continuous condition monitoring) allows emergency shutdowns based on the analyzed and stored data and followed by a analysis of the disturbance.

Increase machine efficiency

The machine health monitoring by condition monitoring systems is also necessary for a condition  based maintenance. Maintainance action can be made ​​depending on the state of a machine, which was previously only acted reactively. Thereby components were checked or replaced in fixed intervals. This type of machine maintenance often displayed that intact components were replaced and remaining terms were thus wasted.

For more information: machine diagnosis

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