Supported sensors

Tediasens is suitable for a variety of sensor types

Here you can see which sensors can be detected and analyzed by our radio nodes and which applications are derived therefrom.

Wireless acceleration analysis

Tediasens is particularly suitable for the evaluation of the acceleration sensors, and thus for the wireless acceleration analysis. The SN-I radio node with its 3 integrated acceleration sensors (called accelerometers) makes the wireless acceleration analysis makes it particularly easy.

Wireless acceleration measurement

Wireless acceleration measurement can easily be done by the use of the TEDIASENS SN-I sensor node. TEDIASENS SN-I is completely wireless by the means of embedded 3D industrial acceleration sensors which allow multiple wireless acceleration measurement applications especially in the field of acceleration.

Sensor type


Vibration sensors Wireless vibration measurement
Bearing monitoring
Gearbox monitoring
Acceleration sensors Wireless acceleration measurement
Wireless acceleration analysis
Wireless motion measurement
Wireless dynamic measurements
Wireless building surveillance
Wireless construction site supervision
Object-/person-/patient monitoring
 Geophone Wireless ground vibration measurement
Seismic measurements
Reservoir-seeking in mining
Building ground investigations
Speed sensors Wireless speed measurement
Force sensors Wireless force measurement
Voltage measurement Wireless voltage measurement
Microphones Wireless acoustiv measurement
Displacement sensors Wireless position measurement
Light barriers Wireless storage monitoring
Pressure sensors Wireless pressure monitoring
Flow sensors Flow monitoring
Rotational speed sensors Wireless speed monitoring
Temperature sensors Temperature monitoring

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